Makers In Residence

  • Organized by:
    Fablab Tainan
    Association of Digital Culture, Taiwan (ADCT)
    Tainan Digital Creative Park (TDCP)

  • The Introduction: We are Fablab Tainan, one of the main Fablabs in Taiwan founded in 2013. Tainan, located in southern Taiwan, is a dynamic and vivid city with approximately 300 clear and sunny days per year. The city boasts its precious historical and cultural assets as a result of the city’s long history – more than 130 historic sites and museums. It is also worth noting that the traditional food culture here is remarkable.

  We welcome all makers from around the world to join us as residential makers.
  Have a nice Making Holiday!

  • Maker’s Rights and Obligations:
  1. The term of residency: Two months (based on project proposal and execution)
  2. Requirements of the project: All works are required to use the equipments of digital manufacturing mainly.
  3. Vacancy: Two projects simultaneously.
  • When and How to APPLY?
    At any time! Just fill in the online application form and tell us the basic information about you and your project, including:
  1. Application form:
  2. Where are you from and what have you done related to digital manufacturing?
  3. What kind of makers are you?
  4. What project would you like to work on during your residency?
  5. To implement the project, what kinds of equipments will you need?

Evaluations are on a first come first served basis. We will inform you the result as soon as possible after careful evaluation.


  • What kinds of RESOURCE can makers obtain during your time here?
  1. the equipments: all tools in Fablab Tainan.
  2. the costs of materials: TWD$10,000 maximum (around US$300).
  3. accommodation: a room in a sharing flat for free (5 km from Fablab Tainan).
  4. transportation: a bike for free.


  • What are the returns of makers?
  1. The makers in residence should donate the works of their projects, except for the copies.
  2. The makers in residence should organize two-hour-long workshops or seminars each week based on their specialties.


Please feel free to contact us ([email protected]) for any inquiry!!

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